Monday, September 27, 2010

2 men go in, one man comes out: THE THUNDERDROME, DETROIT!

this thing has seen alot of attention as of late. first it got cleaned up and then the chicane ripped it up on motorbikes, and now it's being dubbed "THE THUNDERDROME!" this is great. scooters, motorbikes, mountain bikes, and road bikes are on the itinerary for drome use- the road bike thing is really interesting because of the condition of the track right now- no racing lines or slingshotting out the 3rd corner. nope. if you do, you'll meet a patch of grass and get MESSED UPPPPPP! i love their website too, especially the FAQ and rules bits bits. i.e:

"The Road Bike class is for human-powered road bikes
with on-road tires. The course is only the Velodrome, but the Velodrome
surface has some moderate cracks that will change your racing line
considerably. Crybabys should stay the Hell home as this will be an ass
tearin’ race.


"Isn’t Detroit really dangerous? Will I get robbed?: You’re considering racing on one of the most dangerous velodromes
currently in existence and you’re worried about being robbed? Toughen
up. Regardless, yes, Detroit can be dangerous, but this neighborhood
actually isn’t bad. Plus, we’re tough, roughly 11% more hardcore than
the average Detroiters, we’ll keep you safe"

man, this looks like fun! anyone around detroit gonna sack up?


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