Monday, August 9, 2010

yes, thank you: bianchi's 2011 lineup

i thought about this before, once all this "fixie" hype clears and hipster go on to dutch bikes or synchronized rollerskating, the big companies will stop making cheezy steezy bikes and start making cool shit (i.e. felt's horrendous 2010 line up and their new 4310). i'm talking about aluminum frames, radial laced front wheels, high ratios and lugs and stuff. lucky for us, bianchi just makes cool shit period.
2011 Bianchi Pista Dalmine Fixed
first up is the Pista Dalmine which gets it's name from a town in the province of bergamo in northern italy. this version will come with a proper 48t chainring, flat bars, and a SRAM torpedo rear hub. but if you want the whole nine yards....
Bianchi 2011 Pista Sei Giorni Fixed Gear
(via bikereviews)
feast your eyes on the Pista Sei Giorni, a nod to them six day track races. instead of a very street SRAM torpedo, you have a standard fix/free hub with a 16t cog for going HELLA FASS. and they also slap some ergo bars so you can get HELLA AEEEERROOO.

and i know what youre already thinking: it's not simply a super pista frame with different components. if anything, its a reiteration of the pista d2 (the one everyone hated because it wasnt really a pista concept).

now if bianchi can jusssst bring the lugged pista classic through...


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