Tuesday, August 10, 2010

shop highlight: coco's variety store

whilst looking through my referring sites i stumbled upon this peculiar store that sparked my interest.

coco's variety store is a bike/whatever shop out of los angeles, ca. honestly, it's difficult to describe the "variety" in "coco's variety store", they sell pans, they sell glass bottles, they sell matches, they sell interesting books, they sell cigarette holders by companies with questionable logos, they sell give away asia stickers (yes, the band asia.) but not pancakes. most imortantly, however, they sell bikes. and no, they mainly dont sell fixed gears, but then again, they sell honest bikes. here's a taste:

and their blog isnt half bad either, coming up with gems like this:
OH COME ON, THAT'S HILARIOUS. or gems like this:
yeah, that's a de rosa with a vintage tennis racket holder. hey, keep it to yourself. i see your mind exploding from all the way over here. oh, and that's the bossman's bike, and that should tell you alot about the shop right there.

"We believe the bicycle with the greatest positive impact on the environment is a fading champion that has already served a meaningful life and is resuscitated for a second chance at glory...When buying a new bicycle, consider making a generational purchase. A quality bicycle that is a serviceable platform, that is precious such that you will want to protect it from harm and is attractive enough to warrant maintenance. Buy a bicycle that you have a soft spot for. If it doesn't make you smile, it is the wrong bike."

that's truth right there.

so if youre in the LA area and have some time on your hands, stop on by. and check out their blog too... there's a whole mess of things that are interesting there.

just wish they had more asia stickers man...


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Octi057 said...

Do you know which brand the saddle of the last bike is? Thank you!