Wednesday, August 18, 2010

saturuday in sf: 20" hill bombing, swap meat, boobies, and brew.

this should be interesting. a race involving infamous hills on bikes that are sometimes brakeless but arent 700c nor have any means to stop? hey, i'll promote that. and to throw a curve ball, there's 5 obstacle checkpoints; i'm thinking "hey, clear this 10 stair and then you can pass *chuggs beer*" kinda want to see that happen...

i heard that the last one had some pretty sweet deals... that poster is pretty gnar too. oh and show up early, some people are raging scavengers.
(via maca)

(via rebel8)
if i could go to this, i would, but i cant. anyone want to pick up a poster for me please? i'll pay you back for your trouble... a portion of this stuff benefits keep a breast, so if you like boobies and brew, this is your event.


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