Friday, August 13, 2010

kris lockedcog's eighthinch butcher

The Butcher!
Eighthinch Butcher Cuts: Part 1 of 4.
(via lockedcog)
kris has been leaking photos of his eighthinch butcher for a while and i was tempted to post them but convinced myself not to until i got to see the full thing. if youre asking, he's running a 40c and it still looks like the tire is floating in space. utilizes a 45/45 integrated headset, plate style gussets, a chainstay webbing gusset/plate/thingy, 990 brake mounts (eighthinch is really pushing polo as well, remember?)... looks pretty well built. and to top it all off there is an unimaginable plethora of  eighthinch parts to go with it: the julians, the splined sprocket, the splined cranks, the polo bashguard, the freestyle bars & stem- that doesnt even cover half of what they have available now  and the stuff that they're coming in hot with (chains, bb's, grips, headsets, a new wheel to accommodate wider tires, blah blah blah).

now snap the shit out of it kris.


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