Wednesday, August 4, 2010

collabo wednesday: zloggy, juliet elliot, and tracko

(via zlog)
after being on a trackfighter plymouth, it's safte to say that the regular trackfighter does not have this much detail. nempro is based out of sac, and you really have to remember that these things arent massively produced. it's really a handful of dudes making these frames. the headbadge is also a sick detail (made by path less pedaled, a great project). it also comes with a zlog tee and cap AND sticker pack.
Image of LABP/TRKO Cooking CapImage of LABP/TRKO Cooking Cap
(via tracko)
remember the los angeles burrito project from 2008? they make burritos and ride into skid row (an area infamous for homeless population) passing them out. that bring said, these cycling caps go to help out the project- all of the profits go directly into helping LABP.juli2 540x245 Julie Elliot x Les Ettes Launch Juli ette Lip Gloss
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"Known for her fixed bike skills  model /artist Juliet Elliot launches
Juli-Ette lipgloss  in collaboration with Les Ettes. The  lightweight
gloss reflect the natural attitude of les ettes,  packaged in a recycled
container with  Juliet’s artwork .Available here


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