Thursday, August 26, 2010

candid camera: mash photospot.

(via mash)
i keep forgetting to post this. as a play on those kodak photo spot signs, mash decided to make their own version:

"The intended purpose is for it’s user to offer up a suggested location
for others to create a scenic image of their own. A play on Kodak’s
original Photo Spot
campaign found in theme parks, and national parks around the world. We
look forward to this being an ongoing icon for others to share their own
favorite locations from rides around the world. Send us your photo, and
we will be adding them to a photo series at

this seems like fun. i already have some ideas of where to put these. i want to post one up on the back of a t shirt whilst mobbing my home hill. stupid, i know. but nonetheless, the stickers seem like a fun social experiment.


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