Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bring it back: oakley factory pilot

(via radcollector)
now with everyone rocking wayfarers, it's time to move onto something less subtle. that being said, there is speculation that the factory pilots are going to be reissued. these glasses were ridiculously common in the mid 80's cycling realm..

phil anderson of australia. (cite)

Eric Vanderaedan & Guido Bontempi (cite)

and of course greg lemond wore these suckers as well (cite)

but seriously, these sunglasses will give polarized opinions (pun not intended)- lets face it, they're fucking ugly and you run the risk of looking like a tool. on the upper hand, they're OAKLEY FRIGGIN FACTORY PILOTS! you know you want them just to say you have them. or you can go out in your 80's mondrian LOOK jersey atop your era specific peugeot with the right components on and do your best cipolini impression (but then again, cipo wore those briko sunglasses...). i'm gonna go ebay cruising for these now...


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Joe Procopio said...

wish i still had my old pilots.....