Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bianchi brothers: pista concept vs the super pista comparo

(via urbanvelo)
the pista concept was the cornerstone of the fixed gear explosion in 2008- pretty much all you saw in mash or macaframa were concepts. it's a very sought after frame. their replacement after the last concept was the d2 pista which had so many changes to frame shape people strayed away from it; so then the super pista came out, people had their reservations on which was a better bike- granted most of the stuff stayed the same from the predecessor. thoroughly less expensive, the super pista is the alternative to searching through forums or craigslist or ebay for an expensive  pista concept- the differences arent as staggering as it may seem which really surprised me and most of the changes were (for some) great improvements to the original model.

but that iconic bianchi "DANGER! NO BRAKES!" sticker logo isnt there. bummer. check out the comparo here. definitely something worth looking into.


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