Friday, July 23, 2010

what the friday.

okay, i think i have a general thing going on. it started with tarp surfing, i'm trying to milk this theme for all it's worth. and plus, it'll stop clogging all these browser tabs i have up.

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i saw this yesterday and came to the conclusion that the 80s were awesome for wierd, strange shaped bikes. this one's after my heart; i loves me a bike that could potentially leave your spine out of alignment. this led me to look up bikes that laurent fignon rode. didnt get far but i did come across this:

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yeeeehhh buddy. miguel indurain, the dude with the funny helmet. no not that helmet pictured above, this helmet:

(via this flickr)
BLA-DOW! bet you didnt see that one coming. damn, the 80's looked like an all around awkward pseudo science experiment for aerodynamics. moving on from that, all hail the black market's got some new stickers that are wtf worthy.
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i especially like the one referring anything being a torch. it's totally true. almost as baddass as robbie mcewen busting a wheelie across the line in stage 17:

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dude didnt even win the stage. he was 30 minutes behind shleck (andy, gotta make sure i say that). i'm just waiting for them to roll into paris so fumi beppu can pogo in front of the arc de triomphe again. speaking of getting tricky, looks like burd is back:

i'm surprised that no one has ever thought of that. a reverse mounted hop barspin. but then again it's burd, which is cool since i recently re-watched his part in bsv1- my how far have we come.


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