Thursday, July 22, 2010

useful as hell: MKE polo bruiser fork
(via benscycle)
this is kinda nifty galifty. as i try to implement more than the normal stream of fixed freestyle, i'm finding myself more and more interested with bike polo. i've watched, but never played. with polo becoming more accessible (which is a highly debatable subject in terms of being good or bad), i think i might be trying it out. here's something that can be really useful in general but built around polo use, the MKE polo fork. to point out the obvious, it's spaced at 120mm which is cool for not only polo, but would be great if youre doing long distance fixed/singlespeed riding. can you imagine the possibilities for touring with this thing, especially if youre running fix/fix (or free/free)? just a thought.

"Bruiser Polo Fork - Aftermarket
  • 400mm Axle to Crown
  • 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly
  • Weight - 1260g w/300mm Steerer
  • 1-1/8" One-Piece Fully CNC'd Steerer
  • 990 Brake Mounts with Removable Studs (plugs included when not using studs)
  • Removable Brake Housing Gui
  • Headset Compression Plug Included
  • 400mm Axle to Crown
  • 32mm Rake
  • 6mm Dropouts
  • Stainless MKE Badge
  • Black ED Coated Inside and Out for Full Rust Proofing
  • Your Choice of Solid Color (excluding pearl coats or metalflake)
  • Lifetime Warranty"

  • plus, it'll look like you have some james bond-y cog saw blade things on the front of your bike. ha. (leave it to me to say something stupid like that)


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