Friday, July 16, 2010

this will make you want to kill your dog: torey's summer weby.

Torey Summer Weby 010 from WRAHW on Vimeo.

for those who didnt know, torey is selling that there frame. yeah, it's the second kilroy ever made, after wonka's of course. seems like alot of people are getting rid of their kilroy's.... wonder why? anyway, i'm gonna go out on a limb and i'm gonna say he's gonna ride the 700c version of the yo mang. i actually cant wait to see the 700c yo mang. but back to the matter at hand- torey thinks of stuff no one would think of. getting a certain stairset via a bigger set of stairs you have to ride first? torey would. motocross slide across a box? torey would. tap a random post? torey would. tireslide to wheelie? torey would. climb up a small building to get a gap? torey would. nut yourself on the landing? well, no would would want to do that intentionally. i'm always amazed at the stuff that torey conjures up in his mind. he's like, the gonz only darker and a little less weird (but the good weird that everyone needs to be sometimes). i'm really making an ass of myself trying to give a complement huh?

great stuff torey! it's always mindblowing to see what youre up to. hell, i rememeber seeing COD's trailer where he had so much difficulty doing a keo hop. he threw that windsor the with the same fervor as he just threw his gorilla. yeah, bet you dont remember he rode a windsor once!


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