Saturday, July 24, 2010

remember BÖIKZMÖIND?

BOIKZMOIND Trailer from Xynthetic on Vimeo.

of course you freakin dont! we havent seen anything from gavin and the bristol crew lately. its like the trailer came out and then the project disappeared. i loved the trailer, and remembered it recently. so i set out and found some screen shots:
and some riding photos by tim ward taken quite recently:

oh come on, dont tell me you guys dont skid anymore. admit it, youve busted out a leg over skid within the past month.... AD-MIIIIIT ITTTT. makes you think about how much has happened since this trailer came out. it will (hopefully) see the light of day this fall. to keep tabs, join their facebook page. now excuse me, i'm gonna put my bullhorns back on and bust some high speed no handed skids down a hill.


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