Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ooh baby i like is raaaawww: eighthinch scrambler v3 preorder

(via eighthinch)
okay, so here's the deal. the v3 is pretty much like the v2 but with laser cut dropouts, a top tube gusset, and tabs for brake cable guides instead of braze-ons and raw finish. ive seen these things made into fast bikes, ive seen them get thrashed around. personally, it's not a full on trick setup, and it's not a full on "go fast" setup. it's an inbetweener like the l***** morde*** or the v***** cut***- it'll clear a 32c, 35c if your wheel is true. in any case at under $170 a pop (incl. headset and fork) this thing is a great first setup or even just an all around bike. check it.

oh and i'm loving the raw....


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