Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the monty by mission workshop

Monty Messenger Bag
(via MW)
okay okay okay, so i've held off buying a new bag for school, and i'm running the threat of using an old backpack for the fall semester. this one looks even more up my alley (i know i say that alot about mission workshop's stuff, but come on- it's utilitairian and doesnt look half bad). enter the monty; you already saw the huge shed and the no as big as the shed, rummy. the monty comes in with the dimensions of 16"w x 10"h x 5"d, that's more than enough room for a laptop, some tools and maybe a sixer, if youre lucky. still with the lifetime warranty and the all the fancy shmancy compartments and such- like any other mission workshop bag, you get every dallar you pay for and then some.



Eric Chen said...
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Eric said...

Did you end up buying this bag? I'd really like some pictures if you did! The pictures MW put up aren't very informative.

(Double commented to remove my last name. Please delete the other one :).

J.mika'ele said...

sorry for the lag eric, but my bag is on it's way here. i have plans to do a really comprehensive review involving waterballoons.