Saturday, July 24, 2010

a little bit of confusion: adjustable aero bars
(via berlin fixed)
does anybody know anything about 1) this bike and 2) these handlebars. i'm on the fence with it. part of me wants to say FUCK YEAH THESE ARE MY KIND OF SHIIIIIT but then part of me wants to say why would anywone do this, if one side gets lopsided, how do make sure they're level again (it must be a bitch...) regardless of what i'm thinking it still looks like an awesome setup. peep the rear disc and the space between the fork and the tire: thing was made to go fast. props to whoever owns this machine.



tinj said...

here's the dudes velospace, I actually spotted it a while back, gotta love the webbing.

J.mika'ele said...

man, that's what i love about the internet- someone can always help you find stuff, and there's always more info. thanks tinj! now excuse me while i stare, drool and obsess.


Bill said...

i've got a set of those. they're very flexy too. although mine are one single piece of tubing joining into aero bars.