Thursday, July 15, 2010

leader 722 new colors.

(via leader)
i'm not gonna lie, i hate leader's other stuff. maybe it's just me but i think i've seen wayyyy too many 725's or 721's- even that freakin 735 with the awkward air slicer on the head tube (dont act like you dont know EXACTLY what i'm talking about). dont lie, you probably know someone with an aluminum leader or know someone who HAD an aluminum leader. but that doesnt stop me for singing the praises of their steel stuff. the 722 is one of the best looking modern frames i've seen and from the response it's gotten from their owners, i'm pretty sure it's one of the better widely available frames period. now you can get it in red, gold, and silver (why the hell did the oakland raiders and the sf niners come to my head right now?)



antihero1972 said...

you should ride the 725 its a nice sick bike and beats the hell out of that SE your riding, sorry dude no offense but sometimes I have to question what your smoking I mean posting. Now that ugly ass trick bike of theirs with the damn worst gusset I have ever seen warrants a slam post but the 725 is a top notch ride.

J.mika'ele said...

oh i had a 725 at one point, it was light as hell- 18 lbs. had a carbon fork, a front 650c it was also ridiculously fast, but sketched me out because of all of the horror stories about bottom bracket failure (BB shell would drop out when going off a curb or something similar). and if youre talking about the pk "POS" ripper i agree- that thing really sucks.

i dont know, i just prefer steel for some reason; and some people just do. am i wrong in saying that? in some cases. am i stubborn? probably. but sometimes i do miss how light i made that bike. that thing could pick up speed like nothing.