Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i loves me some shiny: eighthinch julian v2's!

(via eighthinch)
if there was an upgrade that has the greatest value out there it would be swapping out to the eighthinch julians. that high profile look just got beefed up too with the addition of a third wall in the construction. this means less flex and a shit load of strength (the hplusson sl42/formationface doesnt even have triple wall construction, just sayin'). it kinda bums me out though, right when i finish polishing my wheel, they come out with a hi polished version of the julian. and you know how much i love shiny things. in addition to the exterior and triple wall, the price got knocked down to under $175 shipped. yeah, so instead of buying that high end wheelset, why not try these and try to beat the shit out of them? for the money, hell you could buy yourself 2 sets.



newman said...

i never came on here before and was pretty amped on a blog about bombin hills. but then i saw all the other same fgfs vids as EVERYWHERE else.

for the record i'm at a 2 bike place right now. the track bike cries when i trick on it. except for skids. everyone forgot about skids cause they never did them fast enough.

J.mika'ele said...

yeah, i get that alot. it's kinda hard to find anything about hill mobbing at this point in time. hell, my bike is so confused with a ratio that's too big to be trick but to small to be fast, bmx cranks, and a semi bladed straight fork. i never really meant for this to turn into a heavily fgfs blog, but i'm trying to find ANYTHING that has to do with ridculous speed to put on here. so far, no luck... we all cant be winners.


ps. dont worry, i still trackstand like a motherf*cker and i can still bust out parkinglot sized skids. i might become a 2 bike guy as well. thanks for stopping by!

NOOM said...

cool man, keep on keeeeepin ooooonnnnn.

btw trike is the new track. don't forget it!!!