Friday, July 9, 2010

hey devan! devan's mashinelli.

you may remember devan from an earlier post. her birthday was a week ago, and a little before that she got into an accident. but i'm glad to see she's okay... on this...

(via devan)
i've been talking about doing something like this for a while with a buddy of mine (what would happen if you put a trick fork on a pursuit frame? would it even it out making it act like a regular track geo?) ah, devan knows how to make them boys cry..

"Long story short, I was anticipating my ESB
being ready before Summer Fix LA,
but because mine will be a newer version, there are a few things we're
still waiting on before it's ready. Since I left for Vegas a few weeks
ago and didn't really plan for this, I was left in a pretty bad spot in
terms of having a bike for L.A. However, Cinelli
(especially Ben) seriously
saved the day and sent me a Cinelli Mash with a trick fork. Keith and I
built up the bike yesterday with the parts for my ESB and test rode it
at the West Side Ride. So far I'm loving it!

you cant hate it. you seriously cant hate it. it's a fucking mashinelli with a fork that levels out the geometry AND it has pink components AND devan is doign a barspin on it. as much as you want to say "YOURE DOING IT WRONG" youre fighting yourself to day "THAT IS SOOOOO RIGHT" it looks good... i like it.

you can read more here!

happy belated birthday too.


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