Wednesday, July 14, 2010

fbm polo prototype.

(via theleaugeofpolo)
remember the sword? yeah, you probably dont. FBM is a well established bmx company that's had it's share of fixed gear use- lately we havent seen anything for a loooooong ass time. well, rest assured, they're still pumping fixed gear frames and now they're developing a polo specific bike:

"After about a year of begging Steve Crandall and dozens of emails and
phone calls with Mike Erb, we finally got it. This first prototype goes
to Nick Vaughan, hopefully I'll have one sometime soon. Keep your eyes
out for this bike at North Americans and Worlds, you are encouraged to
find Nick and try it out and let us know what you think. This frame was
hand made in Ithaca NY on the Sword jig with some tweaks. A higher
bottom bracket for less pedal strike while turning, slacker head tube
angle for minimal toe overlap, shorter chain stays, long drop-outs for
gearing options, v-brake bosses, Cinelli cable guides, longer top tube,
clearance for 38mm tires and shorter wheelbase. This pictured frame does
not include a gusset at the down tube but future ones will. I cannot
say when this will be in full on production but hopefully by fall you
can order one, don't ask me how much they will cost, I don't know. I can
tell you this is a gorgeous bike and the ride is incredibly nice. We do
not have an official name for the frame yet though all of us in RVA
have been referring to it as the Battle Axe.

the battle axe huh? sounds epic.


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