Tuesday, July 13, 2010

exploding brains everywhere: revoked NY

holy crap, that's alot to take in. when you get this many heavy hitters in one place, shit like this happens. here's the laundry list of dudes:

"Ed Wonka
Mike Schmitt
Justin Mitchell
DJ Mull
Gus Molina
Jakob Santos
Chris Fonseca
Shea Hardacre
Kareem Shehab
Antonyo Wothe
Matt Spencer
Tom Mosher
Jeph Howard
Mike Gnarlinghouse
Billy O'Neil
Chris Farmer
Franco Cammayo
Torey Thorton
Zack Zlog Hoffner
Joe Kelly
Ines Brunn
John Prolly

We went to New York for 2 weeks during the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival. Fonseca was filming for Revoked 2 but more partying went on then riding, so he decided to use the footage for and online edit."

for those of you who stuck around watching after the vomiting part, you're in for some good shit. let's just say that it's not safe for work, and it involves a blow up doll, and jakob. yeah.... sit back and let your brains explode.


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