Wednesday, July 7, 2010

climb hills, legs killed: mont ventoux

mont ventoux fixed - the film from Free To Ride on Vimeo.

in san jose, i live midway up a hill so one of my favorite things to do besides mobbing hills is torturing myself riding up them as fast as i can. not only is it great training, it's also....umm....theres no other positive spin to it. it hurts like fuck. i'm a masochist. mont ventoux is a brutal uphill that challenges even the most tame racers in the tour de france (it's kind of weird not seeing people on the sides of the road). climbing this on a bike where you have to rely on legs 24/7 is a feat. but then again, that's how it used to be in the early days of the tour. wonder what gearing was on that bike... hats off to you!


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