Wednesday, July 21, 2010

at least the bike is decent: Joeseph Gordon-Levitt's next film

(via... i'm not even gonna say it.)

i'm actually really surprised that i got a hold of this stuff before my girlfriend did, usually shes really good on that JGL stuff.

"The story follows a 20-something-year-old bike messenger who somehow gets involved in a chase across New York City. And we’re not just talking about a little chase but big budget William Friedkin-style action sequences. Apparently a dirty cop is “desperate to get his hands” on an envelope the messenger received from Columbia University."- slashfilm

sounds cheesy as hell. come on.. this is from the screen writer who did zathura, and mighty morphin power rangers: the movie. hey but at least he 's got phil wood hubs laced to a deep v/b43; and that's a thompson stem and a fizik saddle... which isnt chained to his frame. that shit would get stolen soooooooo fast in ny....

my girlfriend is going to slap me when she sees me being picky about that.



Anonymous said...

how dare he put a back brake on a b43. fuck this movie. phils suck anyways.

Prolly said...

I know the people who 'styled' his bike and dude, have you even been to NYC? How do you know what will get stolen "sooooooo" fast?

J.mika'ele said...

anon: hey, dude's gotta protect his face, that's the money maker right there. and you have to take into account that he may be running singlespeed, it's plausible. funny, because i dont see no brake surface.

prolls: okay, you caught me, i've never been to nyc. but then again i used the logic of nyc is a bigger city than sf (or even san jose), i know people whove gotten various "nice" parts stolen whilst in sf, and therefore it could be potentially worse in NY. surely you could agree with me that...