Monday, June 28, 2010

thrills, spills, and biz markie: harlem skyscraper classic

HARLEM SKYSCRAPER CLASSIC 2010 from chariandconyc on Vimeo.

crits look like mad fun. you honestly dont know until you've been to one. unlike stage races where you only see the peloton once, you see the riders hella times. unlike track racing where you see riders through the whole race, you see them, then you dont, then you see them with a leader, then you dont, then you see that lead guy even farther away from the peloton, then you dont, then you see that lead guy get swallowed by the peloton, then you dont- ITS ALWAYS ENTERTAINING (bike racing in general is entertaining period). its something you have to experience.

now can someone tell me, is that REALLY biz markie at 1:26? that's awesome.


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