Thursday, June 24, 2010

the race face single chainring


(via bike rumor)
"We spotted a prototype
of this at Sea Otter
, and now Race Face has finalized the design and gone into
production with the Single, a single chainring for fixies and
singlespeed bikes, both road and mountain.

It’ll come in 32, 34 and 36 tooth sizes with blue, black, red and
gold color options. The 36T size weighs in at just 38g, but, thanks to
it’s extra width, remains stiff. The Single is machined from a 4mm
plate, versus 3mm for most rings, which lets them have a slightly wider
outer area that leaves a lip on both sides of the teeth. U.S. retail is
TBD, but it should be available by August.

a chainring with extra girth? i'm with it. race face makes killer stuff, and i really like the way they executed this chainring. i just wish it came in bigger tooth counts. wonder what BCD these are...


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