Tuesday, June 1, 2010

prototype tuesday: miles mathia's villin, isyar's freestyle frame, and la ocho velodrome

Villin's prototype:

(via wrahw)
this is villin's dual 26" freestyle frame that their sponored rider miles mathia rides. i believe this is their second prototype if you can remember a previous post where i mentioned miles. the first one utilized a 26 up front and a 700c in the rear. now, i can clearly recall when prolly talked about proprietary geometry, if you dont want to read a bunch of babble then let me explain; basically "The seat-tube-angles are generally around the same and can be adjusted based on saddle-rail clamp, so I don't see them as being as important to fixed gear freestyle bicycle geometry."<--  those are johns words by the way.  but looking at this frame, we're seeing the rear triangle become smaller to fit just 26 inch wheels- but then wouldnt that just be a DJ bike engineered to be a fixed freestyle frame? probably so, you can see the bmx influences from the side silhouette... here's an edit of miles on the setup you see above:

Elevated Engineering: Miles Mathia - Volume 1 from Elevated_Nicholas on Vimeo.

isyar's prototype:

(via souplesse)
this is isyar's prototype fixed freestyle frame. now if you dont know who isyar is, they're a bike builder based out of LA. they make soem sick ass shit like these bars. in any case, derred of souplesse seems to have received their first freestyle frame. i have to say, this thing looks pretty dialed.Picture
first thing to note is the "a" brace- now i know some people will compare it to the affinity "a" brace, but it's where near the same. case in point:
SHA-BLAAAAOW. that's a full size tube.  with that angle on that "a" brace,  the stress point somewhere else, allowing it to be (what i would think) stronger than the affinity's. another point that i find really cool is the drop out construction:
hella long, and fancy schmancy- that's how it should be. now this setup utilizes 700c x 40's but the production should be able to use up to a 50c. yeah, clearance for daaaaays. you can see more pics here!

La Ocho:

now here's something i'm really excited abouth though i will never see it in person-

(via ummm.... here)
this, mi amigos, is la ocho. oh yeah!

not sure if it's going to come to reality or not, but all i know is that it has to to with CMWC.... those banks look fierce, and i'm pretty sure that the more agressive angles will pose a challenge to any track cyclist. i mean there's more to turning left- it's now about turning right too. and going a slight downhill. and going a slight uphill. damn i want to see this built!


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