Thursday, June 24, 2010

non bike related blunder: weird surf edit

Weirdos On Wheels from hollyweird on Vimeo.

now i know this has nothing to do with fixed gears let alone bikes in general, but i found this to be right up my alley. weird is a surf brand based in sao paulo brazil, and they specialize in super shortboard surfing. i have never seen this kind of surfing anywhere. really, it's something along the lines of rocket power (yeaaaah you remember that show... otto, reggie, squid, twister, you know!!!); it's really really cool, and surprisingly agressive for a sport based off of a relaxing vibe. if you're like me, you'll definitely feel the vibe. oh yeah, and the intro and ending hella reminds me of torey's wrahw edits.


ps. can someone fix that vw bus's belt. i think the timing is off.

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