Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nem-pro trackfighter plymouth production model

52cm Nemesis Projects Trackfighter 45x45 integrated headset mid bottom bracket fits huge tires new crimps are soo legit im so glad i picked this up from Brad More pictures on my Flickr

(via dazzle)
my buddy derek after two months of waiting went up to sac to pick up the first of the nem pro trackfighter plymouth frames. if you already forgot what's going on with the trackfighter plymouth, here's a rundown:

"100% USA made Plymouth supermoly construction ,
Fit's 700c x 40c tires or 26x 2.25" ,
Nem-Pro externally butted Fallopian seat-tube w/ hard-anodized 7075 insert ,
MID BB designed for BMX cranks ,
Integrated headset 45x45 standard ,
Laser cut rear dropouts ,
Laser gussets on downtube @ headtube ,
internally reinforced chainstays for grinding ,
PEG compatible .
" (nempro)

i give derek so much shit about not having a bike- i cant say anything about that anymore. well i can probably make fun of his dual 26"s... but then he'll snap back and say that my the rim on my front wheel is wider than my tire (HELLA FLUSSSHHH). in any case, derek is a lucky bastard to have the first one out. if youre interested in getting your own trackfighter plymouth, email brad here!

now dazzle has no excuse not to ride and his wheels could stop being such SLUTS- i mean, WHORES. LOL.


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