Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lucas Brunelle : Line of Sight

i found out about lucas through ted shred, who knew lucas back when he was still racing in his messenger days. you have to understand, lucas is nutty- infact all cameramen in sports like these are nutty. you have to be on par or surpass the athleticism of the people youre shooting, and that's no joke, you can see that when you watch the rest of lucas' footage, the man is nuts. i've ridden in big cities like this and i ride through a downtown area when i'm in school- everything that dude says is true. when youre riding, you think a head and only see lines. now i dont go into oncoming traffic but when you start riding environments like these, you start to think: "okay this car is going this fast, i can go faster than that car.." stuff like that. incredible, the stuff that lucas captures is.


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