Thursday, June 17, 2010

Livestrong Nike Sweet Classic Canvas Low

(via high snobiety)
"The Nike Sweet Classic Canvas Low is a simple, yet suitable summer
sneaker. Here we present you a version from the Livestrong collection,
featuring grey canvas on the upper, signature Livestrong yellow accents,
and a bike all-over pattern on the mid-sole. The sneaker is now
available from Finishline.

that.... that's just tacky. why cant they make a nice shoe. one that doesnt scream out "I'M A DOUCHE BAG, ITS NOT ENOUGH THAT I'M RIDING A BICYCLE, I HAVE TO SHOW YOU WITH MY VINTAGE CYCLING CAP AND THESE SHOES WITH BIKES ON THEM!" silly. but then again the sweet canvas low is the right kind of shoe- vulc sole, canvas upper, low profile... just take away that goddamn sidewall....


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