Monday, June 21, 2010

keyword questions: 6.21.10

i've been wanting to do this for a while... i use google analytics to see how people get to BHSK and how many pageviews i get a day. on google analytics there's a nifty thing where if you searched something on google and stumbled onto BHSK, it tells me. sometimes i get some keywords that are normal, sometimes i get keywords that make me go "that's a question i should answer"... i've been thinking about doing something like this for a while- questions need to be answered, and maybe that one person who searched up that question and ended up here may find their answer with me.

"holdfast frs sagging"
here's a good one to start with. i'm imagining some kid hearing that hold fasts are just too popular, and they suck and sag. well, they do sag- so do all of the other fat strap FRS. it's soemthing we cant get around really. these frs' are made with cloth material- they will alawys be prone to sagging. this isn't a design issue either; they're made to be stomped on and stretched out- stuff that you couldnt do with clips. so yeah, they sag and fatigue much like any other material- but that's not a bad thing at all. if youre looking for a stiffer feel (well stiffer than holdfasts), try something other than holdfast, maybe you'll find your answer.

Track Bike Times Edit #2 from Matthew Rice on Vimeo.

"riding freestyle with track bars, fixed gear"
i saw this and i instantly thought of track bike times. more specifically, i thought of Jason Cleary. he had a part in no cassettes,check that one out as well. should i feel wierd if i remember track bike times? 2008? OH AND CAN ANYONE IDENTIFY WHAT FRAME JOSH MACDONALD IS RUNNING!?!? no it's not a lo pro, no it's not a mashinelli. it's been killing me ever since i first saw this edit in 2008. so the mashinelli didnt exist, nor did the lo pro.

"difisso carbon frame"

doesnt exist. sorry dude.

"good risers for f****e"
depends. whatever fits comfortably. alot of people are running cross bar 4"+ risers lately, which isnt bad at all- it changes the balance point in wheelies and gives you a more upright feel. however, some may contest to their looks (i'm not). a good 2" riser is for me- i'm happy with the way my bike sits, and i feel like i dont need that extra rise. but for some, people like a tiny, mild rise like soma's 1.5" late riser.

another thing to note as well is the bar's material; there are carbon bars, chromo bars, alu bars. each material has it's own feel. hell, i've seen a dude run carbon risers switch to aluminum risers and hate his life. alot of people over look this one and think that the weight doesnt affect them- it does, trust me. barspin a 4" chromo bar with a cross brace, and then barspin a carbon bar, there's alot of difference. and again it's all about personal comfort too.

now here's something people should know: if youre going to cut your bars down, DO NOT (i repeat) DO NOT CUT THEM SHORTER THAN SHOULDER DISTANCE. your shoulders should be able to be SQUARE by the end of the bars, if not, before the bars. cut bars arent cool anymore anyway, just leave them uncut or have them cut to where youre square on the bars. you'll thank me later. oh, and dont position them directly up, have them slightly forward. thats why risers are usually swept back, ask a bmx guy, he'll probably tell you to lean 'em forward too..

okay, that's it for now. search some wierd, obscure stuff and come up with BHSK!


nofuturenohope said...

Looks like Josh is running a KHS Aero track.

J.mika'ele said...

AHHHH looks like youre right! i'm eternally debted to you.

now it looks like i'm gonna try to find one for myself >:]