Tuesday, June 29, 2010

eighth inch got hella stuffs.

(via eighthinch)

with the rising popularity of 48 splined sprockets for fixed gear use, eighthinch fills that void of afforability and tooth counts with their splined chainwheels. 7075 aluminum, 35-45 teeth... it's well thought out. i just want to see that silver one mirror polished. i may just have to do that myself. now for the polo enthusiast, eighthinch got you covered as well.

there's a bash guard specifically made to accomodate the chainwheel! i was wondering why those holes were a litte off center- these guys think of everything. in addition to all this drivetrain stuff, they also got a bunch of polo mallet shafts too!

so it looks like you can totally make a complete eighth inch freestyle setup and have the polo mallet ready for less than you think. damn. good stuff!

now lets see the butcher frameset! and let me review it.


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