Monday, June 7, 2010

Bike Check: my 2008 SE Lager.

i'm so bored right now, so i decided to give myself a bike check. my bike is a little confused at the moment, and it's really an awkward time to do a self bike check in my bike's life- but i'm pretty satisfied nonetheless.

Frame: 2008 SE Lager 52cm
Front wheel: 4x laced velocity chukker to some random 36 hole hub. some kenda 23c tire (yeah, i know...)
Rear wheel: Hand polished iMiNUSD iD42 laced to a Suzue Promax sb 32 hole hub /w Phil Wood bearings. 32c rando (yeah.... i know...)
Headset: FSA Pig
Chain: KMC Pintle.
Bars: iMiNUSD iD2's 2" risers? i think...
Grips: Animal Edwin /w "custom" barends.
Stem: Powertools stubby.
Seatpost: no one cares.
Seat: Odyssey Aitken
Fork: Iro Mark V /w custom reflective.
Cranks/BB: Redline BB, 165 Demolition Medial
Chainwheel: Handpolished 39t Tree-Lite
Pedals/FRS: Rootbeer Odyssey Twisteds, MKE x Holdfast "Jedi" FRS (20/50!)

i know what you're thinking...
-i'm running a 23c up front for a reason: i cant barspin with anything bigger than a 26c. i'm useless!
-yes... i'm a small dude.
-if you noticed it, that IS a spokecard from the 2006 superheroes race in NYC. not that anyone cares.
-those ARE quarters in my grips.
-39 x 17. i need a 14t cog. i hate spinning out.
-my bike is confused between trick and go fast.
-i want need to retire this to a go fast setup.

criticize away,



Anonymous said...

Do you tarck now? I remember reading a blog about hillbombers vs. freestyle. Just wondering :)

J.mika'ele said...

well, for the past few month's ive been living in a city where there's no hills. so yeah, i've been learning some fixed freestyle- but the ratio is 39 x 14... it's the same as a 46 x 17 and therefore i can still mob hills. slap on my soma urban pursuits and it's still a speed demon.

this build takes it back to where everyone was in 2008- a machine where you have the option to do tricks, but you dont have to sacrifice the utility of the bicycle. and that's what it's all about... until i get my 93 cannondale track (THEN IT'S GO FAST, EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. and i'm sure you'll agree with me on that one)

although, i do miss my track cranks..


ps. the post you probably saw was the death of the hill bomber. with everyone in the fixed gear realm focusing more and more on FGFS, its kind of hard not to ignore it. but i have been trying my best to find more about urban fixed gear riding as well as hill bombing and i promise that i will do my best to equalize it all. thanks for reading too!