Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BHSK facelift.

hey internet world. i just got finished changing up the blog's layout, i hope you find it better than the previous one. i took all the issues that you brought up to me and i did my best to clean it all up. it's not 100% yet, i plan on putting a full links page, a contact page, and a blog roll page this week (or when i get the time. i'm in school, you know and it's only me working on the blog- it's not like i have a team of dudes working on it full time).
if you find any bugs, problem or issues, please let me know so i can get that squared away. and if you have any suggustions, please let me know (through commenting this post until i get a contact page squared away.)

oh, and look for the dio tribute. yeah, there's a ronnie james dio tribute (not necessarily) hidden on the page.


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