Monday, May 3, 2010

today in photos: an visual anylysis of where fixed gear cycling is now

there's alot of photos circulating the interwebz today- i like the vibe.
(oh yeah, congrats to hector garcia for winning those one off Pedal Consumption DVS sneakers. hector deserves more spotlight!)
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i'm starting to lean toward the idea that fixed gear riding is a gateway drug that leads to bigger things. i got into this for trasportation use and as a media for extra thrills down hills (ha, i'm a rapper). but looking at these photos reinforces that idea that fixed gear riders begin small (brakes, and cheap-o components) and work their way up to bigger things. it's not a problem, quite the opposite. at my shop ive seena vast influx of interest in fixed gear riding. i saw a dude get off a giant bowery and upgrade to an affinity lo pro. in the other direction ive seen another guy get off a giant bowery and get onto a a volume cutter. there are sop many ways to become more integrated to urban fixed gear riding which is the perfect segway into congratulating John Prolly Watson for getting first in cat5 omnium last weekend.
we all know his background and it just comes to show that progression within the fixed gear realm is absolute- whether youre riding a janky conversion, a boulevard bomber, or a tarcky trick bike. it all makes sense sans the whole target/walmart fixed-speeds. i will never understand what's going on with that one...

so where are we off to next? fixed trials riding? professional fixed criterium races? fixed downhill mountain biking? (okay now i'm just saying silly things, but you get my point) hey we put a fixed gear in the air as you can see from the first few pics so nothing is impossible.


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