Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the only non sneaker (non bike related) thing you will ever see on this blog ever

(via hypebeast)

i'm sorry but my old sneaker impulses kicked in and told me i had to post this. i mean come on- i was sorta mad when the jordan one got reissued. this is the only colorway i approve. i mean it reminds me of the BTTYS pack nike sb came out with. you know, the UNLV dunk hi- which in my honest opinion was the best colorway. AND it was suede. and the thing is, people used to skate in jordan 1's (ever wonder why people LIKED the dunk hi's for skating?). i would skate the SHITOUTOFTHESE jordans....

i want these. i really do. says the guy who's been wearing his chrome kursks since he got them.

and this is the last non bike related sneaker thing you will ever see on this blog ever. ever.

sorry about the impulsive blog post.


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