Wednesday, May 26, 2010

massive video post: sketch park in so cal, via velo in nor cal, two days in toronto, and a situation.

Tony Fast: We've got a Situation from John Prolly on Vimeo.

i cant help but think about mike "the situation" every time i see or hear the word situation. and since tony used it in a way that i really cant stop thinking about "EYYY EVERYBODY LUHVS DA SITUATION HEAAAAH!" tony's got some great lines in this, and it seems like his 14 bike co ESB is holding up well.

TRIXIES from 2020films on Vimeo.

hella peg-age. every time i see gnarpark, it keeps getting sketchier. so many grinds....

Via Velo Trick Jam from Bukkake on Vimeo.

dude, i did not know that the fixed gear mormons were from san jose. to those people who dont know san jose, yes- there are alot of asians. especially vietnamese. hey, the best pho comes from here! john's got a beefy front wheel- wtf is that!?! and of course donghoh the local celebrity was there. who really surprised me was squeaks. those nos pivots were crazy- it's like a backwards nose manny! hot damn son!

Two Days In Toronto from Skitch Clothing on Vimeo.

when was the last times you saw something from skitch? i swear i watched the part where mosher was jerking 20 times before i got on with the rest of the videon. that grind at 2:50, NUTS. its funny how tom and torey are on 29" and mosher is on 26" too...


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