Saturday, May 22, 2010

massive video post: ~@fuck, Traffik, jensen 2 ways, super wide angle, psychadelic drugs, and a drome

this week has been ridiculously hectic, and i'm glad i got through it. that being said, let's get back into it:

a RAD tHurSdAy!!! from Fixed LovE on Vimeo.

what's with all the "~@" stuff? must be so-cal HAHAHAHAHA but seriously, there needs to be more shit eating in edits- makes it seem more human. a little too much peg-age though for my taste.

Artspin from Luke Lasley on Vimeo.

i like this one's vibe- needs moar hill mobbin' though. it's an sf edit so where are them hills? whatever, they did a really good job so i shouldn't be complaining!

i cant wait to see this when it's all said and done. i can say all i want about so cal but damn, this looks like fun. freeway mobbin in this one! YEAAAAAHHHH!

Chari & Co NYC 2 Year - 05.15.2010 from chariandconyc on Vimeo.

my birthday marked chari and co's 2 year anniversary. firs off congrats, and second- what a better way to celebrate than to ride around kissena all day. there are so may good lookin bikes that came out too.

Kennington Bowl 360° from 44/16 on Vimeo.

i felt really stupid for trying to figure out how this was done, but then i got it i was like "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH im fucking stupid" them artsy fartsy brits... good stuff.

thrasher part from steven jensen on Vimeo.

jensen is killing it. that footjam tail is killing me inside. that ledge wheelie to bunny bar is killing me inside. that peg grind fakie halfcab is killing me. those 180 bars are killing me. you know what else is killing me from jensen?

steven jensen bmx from steven jensen on Vimeo.

you've got to be kidding me. chainless bmx from 2009? have you ever tried riding chainless period? ITS HELLA HARD! no footed noise to manny to peg grind? JENSEN IS KILLING IT.

with all that out of the way...



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