Monday, May 10, 2010

if youre not going to BFF in sacramento this weekend: VIA VELO TRICK JAM

(via imd)
"We will be hosting a free trick comp at the Via Velo festivities on
Saturday May 15th. Come find the iMiNUSD tent on San Fernando. The
entire street of San Fernando will be closed down for this event. Come
through and enter or just watch to get some sick prizes. The entire
event will go from 10am-3pm.
i keep forgetting to post this. iminusd/sjf is hosting a contest that parallels the macashreda contest ted, the macaframa crew and i are putting up in sacramento (i wish i had a flier) anyway, if youre not making the trek from the bay area to sacramento for BFF, this is something to definately  go to. san fernando is a pretty big street and i'm pretty sure hella talent will be there.


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