Saturday, May 1, 2010

i think i just found the solution to my problem: BLKMRKT NSF
(via blackmarket)
so i'm in the market for a trick bike, and there's not much selection (bold means i see them all the time):
-charge scissor
-volume cutter
-(soon) volume thrasher
-leader trk
-MKE bruiser
-se lager
-se pk reeppaaaaah (btw, i heard tanner broke yet another frame. bummahs)
-14 bike co ESB
-all city dropout
-bmw launchpad
-durcus one stylin
-LSD bikes whatevertheymake
-gorilla kilroy
-ns bikes whatevertheymake
-identiti persona
-eastern lurker
-subrosa malum
okay, so it's not as limited as i thought. in any case, i've been a fan of black market's DJ bikes for quite some time. a but of mine came up on one that was thrashed- the stem was shot, cranks were shot, everything was shot...except for the frame- i admire that kind of build quality. doing their homework and going off that amazing quality assurance, BLKMRKT is going to step into the fixed gear realm.

(via prolly)
the NSF is the fixed gear offering from the world renowned brand and as you can see, they have been keeping a keen eye on what's going on. what i like about it is how dialed it is for their first try- those p35s make me believe that a good size 29er tire can fit, much like torey's p35 setup. if you know me, you already know that i love detail- blkmrkt logos adorn the gussets and the headbadge makes it seem like a homage to the wild west with them 6 shooters. with everyone running around on cutters and TRK's and scissors, its nice to see a fresh face which may get it on the first try. keep up with blk mrkt for more details, i know i will.

i'm really excited for this one.

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