Thursday, May 20, 2010

the hell of the west: saxobank's tribute to american flyers

american flyers was the first bicycle movie i have ever watched. kevin costner, rae dawn chong... specialized allez, friction shifters.... the 7-11 merckx team, the cannibal making a brief appearance- it's all there. its one of those movies you have to watch no matter how cheezy sleezy it is. like RAD....

anyway, tracko pulled me onto roadbikeaction which compared saxobank's setups to the 1985 movie's setups:
now... for clarification, the movie bike is on the left, and i would rather ride that one. now i see your face, and youre going "YOU SIR ARE NUTS"
matter of fact, i am not. just look at it! tange prestige tubing...

friction shifters... (now here's the kicker)

campy drive train... and of course,

selle italia turbo seat.  though the color scheme on the saxobank team's bikes are similar and so are the logos, what i would really like to see is the recreation of everything on the bike- an actual modern replica. they couldve at least ran the modern campy drivetrain... actually what i want to see is a team for at least one stage come out on steel bikes....

 im gonna go find that movie now..


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