Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cultur is now up and running

(via Cultur)
"Cultur is ran by Phil Rinthalukay and Kyle McConnell with some help
from our fellow riders, friends and family. The company is currently
based out of Richmond, VA but will relocate to Washington DC shortly.

Phil was always tossing around the idea of a store on Trick Track, so
we could sell softgoods and collaboration items on Trick Track. We saw
the desire for FGFS parts, and the struggle that a lot of riders (and
us) were going through to find the part they wanted. We started tossing
around the idea of having a full fledge store on Trick Track and through
some exciting talks with companies and each other, we knew we had to do
it. Starting Cultur as a new entity, separate from Trick Track, was a
tough decision but made the most sense for branding, and keeping long
term goals for the company in mind.

We put 110% into this company, and are trying to push the sport to
the next level.  We hope riders find Cultur to be a breath of fresh air
in the this awesome flourishing sport!

go check it out at! you have my support, and congrats on starting it up!


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