Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cog jerkers: "not bad" teaser

"Not Bad" Teaser 1 from Sean Coats on Vimeo.

COG JERKERS is a group of freestyle fixed riders coming straight out of Southern California. As a group of friends that ride daily, we push each other to progress.

""Not Bad" is a full-length film by Cog Jerkers, featuring the riding of:
-John-Paul Case
-Sean Coats
-Mike Dinh
-Taylor "Slaylor" Dwight
-Gus Molina
-Kyle Olson
-Nick "Gnarhesh" Ramstad
-Corey San Agustin
-Matt "Silky" Spencer
-Daniel Torres
-Erik Vehmeyer
-And many of the current top riders in the "friends" section

New riders are added constantly, shoot Phoshizzle or myself a pm for possibly getting in on this.

Filming has begun and the film is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year-early next year

Visit for updates

Here is the first somewhat "teaser," just to sorta get things sorta goin'

damn... everyone's banding together and popping off. that line up seems really killer. good luck guys!


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