Monday, May 24, 2010

affinity cyclone gusset and frame revamp

one thing i miss about chico is working with ted shred. i recall when he
first got the affinity cyclone thinking it was gonna release in the
upcoming weeks. the weeks passed. then months passed. now it's coming in
. last saturday, john got a spy shot of the new gusset work.

(via prollypurp)
now if you recall the "first gen" cyclone, you know that there are no reinforcing gussets aside from the "A" brace. here's an example using Joey Krillz cyclone:

(via affinity)
now according to affinity, there will be a shorter seat tube, as well as a longer downstube. putting those into account, i'm expecting a more fgfs vibe from the geometry- which is nice but i prided the cyclone for keeping the sharp track lines without taking away from the feel of a trick bike. however that still doesnt take away from the fact that we squeezed 35c's on teds bike with room to spare, and it shouldnt take away from the fact that the thing will be solid as hell. being one of the few that have rode one (that was way to big for me by the way), i can say the revamp will be beneficial and i trust affinity knows what theyre doing.

oh yeah, and a little trivia: ever notice how random chico bike and board looks on the official dealer list? every single one of those shops are boutique-ish (iminusd, wbase, velocult...), and then you have my shop. let's put it this way, we make a living selling cruiser bikes to college girls and hobos. yeah- butte county doin' big things (HA inside joke).


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