Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The 2010 affinity cyclone by john prolly

so today i wake up and blam, this thing.  i can assure you ive gone over the standard cyclone so many times and have pointed out things i like and dislike for months- i've pretty much wanted to go tell affinity what needs to be done with this frame. before i could do so- they already answered back:

(all photos via prolly)
this is the new affinity cyclone. and i can be confident in telling you that: this is the one. there's so much detail that does into the affinity cyclone it's nuts. like that laser etched A on the tt gusset..

but detaild dont matter when youre hucking the shit out of the frame.

what i really love about this bike is the side profile. unlike the first generation, the top tube is slanted allowing for a more agressive geometry- but then again, i a million times sure that A brace will be making a difference in terms of handling. again, ridiculous clearance without sacrificing frame stability is always an issue.

now for you concerned fork heads out there, its a 410 a to c fork. like prolly, i tend to stay away from integrated headsets- it's just a preference (and plus, the headst adds just that much more clearance. it happened on my lager) so i really like how it still utilizes the standard threadless headset.

one of my main concerns was clearance. sure we put 35 c's on ted shreds cyclone, but the chainstay clearance wasnt enough in my opinion to hold 29 x 1.25 tires (because... uhmm... that's what i would run..). it seems like that's covered just a little bit.

the shorter seat tube as well as the longer tt really give it the effect of looking like a legitimate trick oriented bike.

okay, now here's my last issue. the dropouts. there's no photo of them so i cant really address my point- i had a problem with the dropouts. you couldnt use that seat tube curve and that clearance for it's full potential because you would still have a good amount of room between tire and seattube when you slam it against the dropout. i need someone to clarify this.... but other than that, i really like this frame....


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