Friday, April 9, 2010

woah woah woah: 25c rando not all it's cracked up to be.

(via tracko)
okay, so i was psyched on vittoria making 25c rando due to the intense ranting of the general public. this picture leaves me nonplussed (yeah, i used that word). as a current user of the ever so popular 28c rando, i found that the tread wore out BEFORE the red strip showed. hell, i could get to the red strip and still have those rubber hair thingys sticking out of the sides. what i liked about the rando is the whole rap about how you can get to the threads an you can STILL roll on them. you toss them when you get to the tube-that's how good the integrity of this tire is.

the devolopment of the 25c tire was a great idea, but sacrificing the whole idea of the rando is kind of like a betrayal- it's just not really a rando. SKETCH.


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