Wednesday, April 21, 2010

why go smaller when you can go bigger, DELCO MO'FUCKA.

so i neglected to post this because i didnt realize the sheer epicicity of the situation. not long ago, people seldom jumped their fixed gear bikes. now lamarche, the posterchild of delco (yeah, i looked it up and now know what it means), is pretty much doing it like one one has ever done before.

wait, so you may be asking, why do you have a photo of john prolly's bike? because.....

okay, so now youre probably asking, "why do you have a photo of tom jumping john's bike on a bmx bike?" because....

(via prolly)
dude is TUCKED! to give you an idea of how tucked tom is, here's another photo taken yesterday:

and a handful of photos taken for out of print mag:

(via OOPM)
when you can wipe your ass with your rear tire, you know you got some major tuck. i know prolly hates 26 fied freestyle, but i'm with him all the way with this 29" tire freestyle. WE BREAK RIMS ON A DAILY BASISSSSSS! (that should be on a shirt, i should write this down...)

maaaaad props to john for taking these snaps, and for tom for just being tom. DELCO.


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