Tuesday, April 6, 2010

when clearance is not that big of an issue: Mårten's D.A.M.P. Butterbean

straying away from the earlier post regarding jeff's 26 inch fixed freestyle machine, prolly had a little pictorial and analysis of Mårten's D.A.M.P. butterbean.

(via prolly purp)
when i first saw this setup i wasnt thoroughly convinced that this geometry was good. the rear triangle was higher than the top tube and i couldnt wrap my head around that. it just reminded me of a woman's stepthrough bike. but i understand that standover height is an issue here. the seat stays arent the best design considring the whole idea of fixed freestyle is moving towards larger tires. yet the rear wheel could be tucked in for a shorter wheelbase so that's a plus. it clears 48's, so who cares. it's growing on me. do they even make 50 c tires? wouldnt that make it a 29er? meh...


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