Thursday, April 1, 2010

velocity 750c aerohead

(via velocity)
"Over the years, we have seen countless bicycles for riders that the wheels are not proportionate to the size of not only the frame but also the rider. Recent studies are showing that the average American's height is going up at a dramatic rate, in 2020 the average American males height will be 6'1" which was a startling statistic given that that same segment now at 5'11". The example of a rider over the height of 6'2", often the frame geometry makes the wheels appear to be closer to that of 650c than the 700c. Yes, esthetically it's an eye sore; we'd argue that the ride quality and performance for the taller riders is negatively effected because of this."

650, 700, and 750 side by side by side.^^ i know it may seem kinda crazy but there was once a time where the 29er sketched out people. now- imagine a 750 rear and a 650 front. YEE!


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