Monday, April 12, 2010

swag sunday on a monday: jiro, ashcan, and j.knice

(via knice)
i can see myself wearing this. not with a 3 musketeer stache and 'tee and with ridiculously short shorts, but i can see myself in this shirt...
(via jiro)
i got an email from jiro a while back and i keep forgetting to do a whole post on them, so heres a small one to make up for that. jiro in collaboration with vittoria is releasing these parallel to the giro d'italia. these are the LAST 30 tires made under the "Il Guerriero" name. comes with a special box as well as bracelet. i loves me some limited edition stuffs.
(via ashcan)
i was in class looking at this one and it cracked me up because with a little bit of editing i can make it say "tricks are for BROS" HAHAHAHA. then it dawned on me what makes hill bombers then? what makes the casual rider then? or even the commuter? hmmm questions to be pondered... i like it.

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